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I have been interested in various aspects of parsing since 2009. My research is particularly focused on parsing general context-free grammars, using combinator parsers. I have published several papers, formalized various proofs about parsers in the HOL4 theorem prover, and produced quite a few OCaml implementations to try out various ideas:

P1, P3, E3 and P4 can all be obtained from github.


P1 is a combinator parsing library for all CFGs. The implementation is based on the verified parsing work (see below).


New versions of P3 are now available from github at At the moment the documentation is on the github wiki for P3 at

The best documentation for P3 internals is the extended version of the following paper: Tom Ridge. Simple, efficient, sound and complete combinator parsing for all context-free grammars, using an oracle. In Proceedings of SLE 2014. ridge14sle.pdf extended version.


E3 is available from github at The examples should give some guidance on usage.


P4 is available from github at, but there is no documentation at the moment.


P5 is a version of P4 for Scala, available at Currently not in a very polished state.

Example grammars

Some examples are at ; see the blog post

Verified parsing

This work produced a verified, sound and complete approach to combinator parsing. This introduced the idea of "good parse trees". The problem with this approach is that it is too inefficient with left-recursive grammars. There is a post describing verified parsing here.

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